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Foreign trade marketing website construction

Nowadays, Chinese WTO rapidly, a lot of people have joined the ranks of foreign trade, foreign trade, marketing type website construction ability by the consistent attention, the following vaneon analysis of foreign trade website 9 Tips for you:

Establish a corporate image, display or improve the competitiveness of enterprises

Internet's initial level function is to show the enterprise image, just like using a variety of traditional media release of corporate image advertising, promotion of network which is low cost, long effective time, fast speed, convenient update, carefully consider your competitive advantage in where, such as whether the enterprise get any rewards, product advantages, the customer service advantage and so on, treat the work seriously, some related data preparation, and to understand why visitors to your site to rather than your competitors site, at this time, the competitors site should be analysed carefully, have a look they have offered some kind of content, according to the access the object and what different and so on, through this analysis, we can become more aware of their advantages and disadvantages, so as to accomplish. In fact, competition analysis on the construction site should be throughout the whole process of the enterprise site, through comprehensive analysis and learn from their advantages, avoid their weaknesses. Therefore, only consider "my brand and competitor difference" is no longer enough, must also ask yourself: "my site and competitors are the difference?" Efforts to collect information related to the enterprise, will be put to the Internet, virtually in shaping the corporate image, enhance corporate visibility, can win more customers and potential customers for you.

Enhance the communication with customers

Customer's opinions, recommendations for company, you can get real-time and rapid response, and then through the website and feedback to customer. This is the bridge of communication with customers. Prepare some daily needs of customer information form, turn it into a spreadsheet and posted on the Internet, and through a series of promotional activities, collecting a large number of customer information, customer information database establishment potential of their own, and tracking in online or offline, will dig out many new customers.

Strengthen customer service

Customer service has been the importance for many enterprises to realize, the fierce market competition lead to network promotion the product difference shrinks rapidly, and the pre-sale, after sale service personalization is increasingly outstanding, the enterprise to strengthen the propaganda, website is an extremely interactive, fast reaction media, through the website collect customer information and feedback, to strengthen the quality of customer service, to win more customers for the enterprise, create more benefits. If your enterprise focusing on service, perhaps, you should according to the characteristics of their companies for their service define a network marketing style, and in the construction site to create this kind of style, but, if you really can do to protect the interests of customers, to clean up the data, display the various measures, it will give the customer a good impression in the Internet this virtual space.

Release information

Form the enterprise marketing site, can put the enterprise information and product information to online, in order to obtain more trade opportunities and market competitiveness, which is the first step to electronic commerce enterprise. You should pay attention to raise material and later in the maintenance, this is a way to increase the enterprise marketing channel. You can use the Internet to save money, the most efficient provision of business information to the outside world, to serve the customer. Through the Internet, provide the latest news of the enterprise, such as new product development, the stock price, management etc.. You can also use Internet as a sales tool, whenever and wherever possible in the first line of the sales staff to provide all kinds of real-time enterprise information, to support the sales activities and sales people keep communication, reduce the market failure, to avoid loss of market.

In addition, in the collection of enterprise information to determine your target visitors, to know others visit your site of reason, also is to consider these goals the visitor's needs, only to provide targeted website information content, can better attract visitors. If the visitors about customer service service than the product price, the site should be more emphasis on customer service service content.

Improve work efficiency

The advantage of the Internet is the biggest 24 hours for you and your customer service one day, network promotion we work in the work process, often encounter various problems, proposed by the customer and among them, there are many repeat customers, therefore, you will most often concerned about summary on the web, and give the answer, is what we often say that the FAQ, rather than having to repeat to answer these questions and distress, so as to make your work more efficient.

Stimulate demand

What is the "demand"? Simple to say today's society is facing the social wealth, there is a huge potential demand, but customers are often unaware of what is your own needs, but in the process of various commodity information, the potential demand is excited in some form, then the formation of consumption. A major topic in the modern advertising and marketing is how to stimulate, release the potential demand. In web marketing, we can use the advantage of network, which is the key in the aspects of resource related information more efforts, to visit a enhance the knowledge space, and reasonably the product information is combined with other information, the potential demand and thus subtly stimulate visitors.

Display products or technical advantage

In the current competitive market, unless a Large Firm has advantage in production technology monopoly or products, in general, small companies may be difficult to tap this advantage, it does not matter, the characteristics of the Internet is the biggest her openness and cross regional, open decides the sharing of Internet information, the characteristics of to win the possibility to contend with the big business for small and medium enterprises: through the sharing of information resources of the Internet, small and medium-sized enterprises can be obtained for the modern enterprise critical and conventionally unable to collect market information; trans regional enterprise marketing broke the geographical restrictions of the traditional market, the development direction and the size of the market, enterprises therefore, "Internet the small and medium-sized enterprises to large enterprises in the same starting line competition".

Services for buyers

"First pay, and then claim", this is a very practical method of network marketing, in the face of too many to count enterprise website, if you do not provide any benefits to consumers, consumers are not thinking of you. This is why I at the beginning of this emphasis on "what are the benefits for customers", prepare all in favor of consumer data, planning various consumer friendly activities, publicity through the website, at the same time with the network operation, such as: can be published on the website with the promotional activities, net anyway, remember, provide the benefits for your customers or consumers.

Promoting new products

Internet is an important tool of communication with customers, and it's an important way to promote the new product. Through the Internet can introduce new products to be sold in all respects. Test new products market reaction, and get immediate feedback. In business activity, a photograph can be better than thousands and thousands of words, can provide enterprises photos, sound and images and other multimedia information to customer service.


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