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Personal website construction should position themselves, this type of still pictures, a large amount of data is small, well defined type of database, the system scale. If you are familiar with DW, PS, FLASH that's good, not familiar with no problem, can do website, on-line generally three months, be familiar with, six months in a year a success. Methods recommended are the same:

Find a brand system, several free, follow the instructions to install.

The website system installed in your computer later, begin to be familiar with the system background, initial contact system in this work is very long, to clarify the development ideas of developers, if you are familiar with DW, familiar with the corresponding background of each function code, this work is hard, complicated time-consuming, but better than scratch code easily, of course, you also can not do, it can be left to provide free system developers. Development of the Internet age, basic need not know how to write the code can do.

Based on the familiar with the background, establish the basic framework of marketing type website construction, classification of this framework is the website, is the soul of the website, is most in need of wisdom, a hand also is most can manifest the characteristics and level of the site. A margin, sensation seeking, and ultimately help the overall framework and development direction of your website localization. Maybe a few months your site with original intention be quite different, I looked back a, list of small hills, previously thought good naive, the idea is very simple... Do not like love, thought to innovation, improve the site every day, change ideas, change location, change a name, empathy, change change change......

Website localization, do LOGO, edit footer, don't underestimate the footer, although simple, but it is the identity of a website. But don't forget to write a disclaimer.

To add content, own, copy to, pictures, articles, downloading files, etc..

After the website each column has a number of articles or pictures, the basic site forming, consider the art design, this step is like the goods in the shop arrangement skills, art, whether the site is good, whether the atmosphere, whether to attract visitors click and so on, is the embodiment of the site of the facade, the website grew is good-looking, image is kind, whether people will not rush away and so on, of course, very important. This is a very meticulous work, do a website will be dealing with the page design, every day have to rack one's brains, of course, also can buy a template, please people do, but finally you must do it yourself, not a little modification to find someone, so to understand a little bit, PS, FLASH (DW this a little afraid to spend two years) is necessary.

The site has a certain scale, can go to find a space, to apply for a your own domain name online, the official online home. Free space is not too good, charge at his needs and strength to buy the most expensive, the domestic space, the worst service; Hong Kong and Taiwan charges and services in general; American hosts the most cost-effective, cost-effective (people give me 45% off, space and domain name fee for one year is less than 500RMB), the space is large, very stable, my website since in USA never attacked, the service is in place (point to understand English to communicate well, but also can not communicate with them, payment after all functions have), application space can buy domain name together (used to buy a space to send a.COM domain name, do not know if there is no) and IP address, also do not record. Speed good, feel up to Baidu almost, if not cut off the sons of Laden cable, won't jam.

Website on the Internet, to do search engine optimization, promotion and so on, strive for the global online ranked in the top one hundred thousand. Remember the website to register for the record, not the problem, but recently heard the record must have the certificate of organization code, or not to approve, I do not know whether it is true, and if so, in domestic is difficult to have the development space of personal websites.

Then every day, every day to update the contents of modifying and optimizing the site layout, classification and so on.

Get some GOOGLE, Baidu, Taobao advertising, earn a little money.

Once you make a website, you will happy every day to stay up late: content, see ranking, see the PR value, do optimization (SEO), run promotion.

Finally stressed words: site as their own children, if you don't care about her, others will not help you take good care of the.


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