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Do SEO website optimization, like adding a martial arts in the political arena, every webmaster and optimize the staff is a member in the martial arts, martial arts is certainly must have master and rookie. Who also don't want to SEO in this martial arts as a rookie, strive to practice good "martial arts". Then in the SEO world, SEO how to play better?

Please follow the "theory" to slowly read SEO martial arts:

In this the murderous look of the martial arts, how to use SEO to play better?

Share 6 point for everyone, but they are very old problem, but I and everyone's views on these issues is a bit different, I want from Wulin angle for everyone to look at the SEO optimization:

To give you an example: "Taobao mall", "Tmall mall" believe these are personal webmaster want to dream of keywords! Before Baidu hasn't hit Taobao guest website, want to compete for these keywords SEO optimization personnel with Wei Xiaobao's words, "it is the surging river, in an unbroken line". But there are several of the key words optimization to Baidu home? Such as the website construction in the keyword as Huashan mountain, unless you are Wang Chongyang or Yang Guo. (here refers to the optimization optimization, standardization is not cheating) of course, I can't.

Simple domain name:

A simple and easy to remember domain name, can easily allow the user to remember, but also conducive to search engine lifting weights, relative to a complex, cumbersome name, an easy to remember domain name 100 times better. Why do some master in the martial arts world name can easily let a person remember, while some are very hard to remember? Just as everyone knows "a master", but I think few people know his real name is "Long Hing", while Jin Yongbi's legend of the three except: Li Jing, Red Buddha female, few people remember there is a called "beard". I believe the name good remember a good domain name and martial arts is a reason.

Basic knowledge of skilled SEO:

In the martial arts world, no one can like Denon part eight or so, let no Ya Zi came into a martial arts master, is the need to stand on solid ground starting from the basic study, do SEO too, need to go through a series of optimization practice or by K again after the optimization, obtains from the experience, to become master, so the need for basic knowledge of skilled SEO related in this process.

Choose the right keywords:

Choose a suitable keywords, instead of keywords marketing type website construction, tough competition big act according to one's capability, can play a role in. Just like in why Zhu Geliang lobbied Liu Bei for Jingzhou, why not to rob the Cao Cao or Sun Quan sites? Because Jingzhou is his best option, he has not been able to lay down the others.

After the chain:

Many people may ask, is not to say that content is king, the chain for the emperor? But now in Baidu has clear fight outside the chain of circumstances, I can only say that after the chain. But do not underestimate the "Princess", Gen Gi Khan's wife is called "Bob son post", can be said that if there is no "a great cause Bob son." there is no Gen Gi Khan, or that if Guo Jing had not been Huang Rong, Yang Guo is not a Helen of Troy, how could they be from a little, into the admiring heroes?

Content is king:

Content is king, this word I believe we are not unfamiliar, indeed, now Baidu blow chain conditions content is more important. The long domination in ancient times why some countries can, makes the neighbor countries did not dare affront? As the country's "many generals and ample soldiers", but is "out of him". So in the content of the construction, we should advocate the "many" and "fine".


A website to rank well, Links is essential, a good Links might give you help is very big, just like in the three Liu, Guan, three brothers, if not with Guan Yu and Zhang Fei's help, Liu Bei could not have later shu. Links is like your ranking in the optimization allies in SEO.

The world of martial arts, who is like Zhang Sanfeng, Zhang Wuji so days wisdom, who like Guo Jing and Yang Guo so fortunate to have the help of others, so we can only stand on solid ground of study and practice, and accumulated experience, to become a master. The love station founder Zheng Zhiping sentence: "to become the occupation of SEO master, you must have experienced numerous times down the right, K station, you can summarize what is contrary to the search engine, what is marginalized, constantly sum up in failure, if a SEO is not experience a drop right, he is also not grow."


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