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First of all, can tell to learn website construction friend. Learn to build websites and learning other knowledge, is to have the computer foundation. Based on the study marketing type website construction is easy and fast. Secondly, to know what is it used for learning.

It is recommended that you should have conditions: the skilled computer operation, the use of computer is best in a year of above, typing, know basic computer knowledge, but not too stupid can, ha ha. Of course, these are not to be.

The first stage: at the beginning it is best to learn some webpage editing software and basic webpage script syntax, such as: Dreamweaver software, HTML syntax (Baidu search: HTML entry), CSS syntax (Baidu search: CSS entry), the principle that can make you know more about webpage making and operation. It is best to take this tutorial to learn, learn while making with the tutorial, this most take you a week, if there is time to learn the JavaScript script syntax (Baidu search: Javascript entry).

The second stage: making software and basic grammar with webpage, already can make a more complete web sites. Of course, in order to make the site more beautiful, more powerful, you need to learn some dynamic programming language, commonly used with ASP, PHP and ASP.NET, after the recommendation of two, should be ASP after a period of time will be eliminated, after two procedures to differentiate their Internet search, I prefer to learn.NET function, object oriented, brilliant, Microsoft is tough.

If you don't have the energy to learn these complex dynamic programming language, you can use the web site management system (also called off the actual site software, such as PageAdmin system, shopex system, discuz system is good), it is also popular, when the province, labor.

The third stage: combined with your own has mastered more knowledge to develop the site, we can develop the others to give you the defined target site. At this time, you will become a real web developers.

How to make a webpage, not to say that one or two articles can say clearly. This is the main program for making webpage and some shortcuts, hope to be able to want to learn the webpage making friends as a reference.

1 、网页做好了肯定是要发表上网的,所以必须先申请一个空间;免费的空间不是很稳定,容量又小,也不好申请,建议到服务器公司先买一个个人空间,大概有个20M 以上的就可以了,当然也可以在自己电脑上安装IIS来模拟服务器运行(这里不详细说了,有兴趣的朋友百度一下相关知识,这个是很容易的)
1, webpage well must be published on the Internet, so must apply for a space; free space is not very stable, the capacity is small, not a good application, suggestions to the Server Co to buy a personal space, probably more than a 20M can, of course, also be to install IIS on your computer to simulate the server running (here is not detailed, have the interest friend Baidu search related knowledge, this is the very easy)

2 、图片处理软件推荐firework或photoshop,HTML编辑软件推荐Dreamweaver,当然如果你会HTML语法,那用计事本直接编辑会更高效。
Image processing software is recommended for firework or Photoshop, HTML editing software like Dreamweaver, of course, if you will HTML grammar, the matter of the direct editing more efficient.

Spend a little time, find a more user-friendly tutorial look is very necessary. Each webpage, but is the text, table, graph, animation and background music is and several major elements, make clear how these elements put in, you even know how to make a webpage.

At the beginning it is recommended to download a relatively simple webpage, in making software will it open, and then carefully observe the webpage form others, imitate it to fill a variety of elements, together with the teaching practice in the city, progress will be much quicker, remember also some prison.

In fact do webpage is not difficult, but to make a distinctive webpage, that was not a short duration of time of power.

Experience with a little personal, wrong please correct me.

Web design eight steps

Because what you see is tool more and more income type, use more convenient, so the production of webpage has become an easy task, unlike previous to writing a line of source code. After a brief general beginners learning to learn to make a webpage, so they think webpage making is very simple, and hurried to make your own website, but do it with others, only to find their own site is very rough, is this why? As the saying goes: "eat hot tofu". Building a website is like building a building, it is project of a system, have their own work process specific, you just follow the steps to follow the prescribed order, step by step, to design a good website.

To determine the theme of the site

Site theme is the main content of your website should contain, a site must have a clear theme. Especially for personal web site, you may not like the website that content is big and complete, cover and contain everything. You do not have this ability, also do not have this energy, so we must find a most interested in their own content, do deep, be thorough, do their own characteristics, so as to give the user the impression. The theme of the website does not rule, as long as you are interested in, anything can be, but the theme to bright, content in your subject area do big and complete, refined and deep.

Collect materials

After establishing the theme of the site, you must revolve the subject began to collect materials. As the saying goes: "one can't make bricks without straw". Want to let oneself website true to life, can attract the user, you should try to collect materials, collected more material, after the production site more easily. Materials can not only from books, newspaper, CD, multi-media and, also can be collected from the Internet, and then put the collected material discard the dross and select the essential, discard the false and retain the true, as to produce their own webpage material.

Planning website

A website design success or not, the planning level is determined largely by designers, planning website like designer design building, drawing design good, to build a beautiful building. Site planning includes many contents, such as the structure, the web site settings, the style of the website, color, layout, text, images and other use of, only you these aspects into account in making webpage before, in order to making adept, chest Youcheng bamboo. Only in this way made webpage can have a personality, unique, attractive. How to plan for each of the specific content of the site, we will be presented in detail in the following.

Select tools appropriate

尽管选择什么样的工具并不会影响你设计网页的好坏,但是一款功能强大、使用简单的软件往往可以起到事半功倍的效果。网页制作涉及的工具比较多,首先就是网页制作工具了,目前大多数网民选用的都是所见即所得的建站系统软件(前面提到的网站管理系统)。除此之外,还有图片编辑工具,如firework 、Photoshop 等;动画制作工具,如Flash等;网上有许多这方面的软件下载,你可以根据需要灵活运用。
Although the choice of what kind of tools does not affect your webpage design is good or bad, but a powerful, easy to use software can often play a multiplier effect. Webpage making more relates to tool, first is the webpage making tool, the majority of users to select is the software build system of income (website management system mentioned above). In addition, there are image editing tools, such as firework, Photoshop etc.; animation tools, such as Flash; there are many aspects of this software to download, you can flexibly according to the need of.

Clear website theme and content

1, make sure you make webpage theme, is you built this website content is what

2, determine the object of reading your webpage, the webpage that you are prepared to give those who see;

Choose webpage making tool software, such as PageAdmin system, shopex system, discuz system, there are many excellent software, you can slowly after exposure to.

4、如果你作好了页面,就需要考虑你的网页放到什么地方发表,也就是平常我们说的发表空间,我们学校的用户网络中心已经申请好了空间,大家可以直接使用(有发布空间的标志是你有了FTP 账号,这个需要申请),也可以按我前面说的把自己电脑配置为服务器(需安装IIS等软件,这个自己百度一下)
If you prepare a page, you need to consider your webpage in what is, we usually say: space, user network center of our school has applied for space, we can directly use (there are signs that you have a space FTP account number, the need to apply), also can press I said in front of his computer configuration for the server (need to install the IIS software, the own Baidu search)
六、制作网页(Webpage making)
Material, tool is selected, the need according to the plan step by step to put their ideas into reality, it is a complex and painstaking process, must according to the first after the small, first simple hind complex to make. The so-called first after the small, that is to say when the webpage that make, the structure design of good, and then gradually improve the structure design of small. The so-called first after simple and complex, is to design a simple content, and then the design of complex content, so that problems arise when good modification. In the production of webpage to be more flexible use of site background management system function, which can greatly improve production efficiency.

七、上传测试(Upload test)
网页制作完毕,最后要发布到Web 服务器上,才能够让全世界的朋友观看,现在上传的工具有很多,推荐LeapFTP软件,你可以很方便地把网站发布到自己制作的网站存放服务器上。网站上传以测试完毕就可以把你的网址告诉给朋友或客户,让他们来浏览。
Webpage finished, finally to be posted to the Web server, can make friends all over the world to watch, there are a lot of upload tool, recommended LeapFTP software, you can easily publish the web site to produce their own site on the server. The website upload to complete the test you can put your site to tell the friend or client, let them browse.

Webpage is done, but also continuous publicity, so that we can make more friends know it, improve the site visit rate and visibility. There are many ways to promote, such as search engine registration, exchange links with other sites, joined the advertising chain etc..

九、维护更新(Maintain and update)
The site should pay attention to regular maintenance update, keep the content fresh, don't put it there. The good, only continue to give it added new content, can attract visitors.